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At Subscan UDS, all our departments work in conjunction with each other to provide our clients with a complete drainage solution from initial inspection to completed work, which is why Subscan is the industry’s leading name in multi-utilities maintenance.

Our utilities, surveying, drainage, and CCTV departments all work hand in hand to perform the initial detection, cleansing, and surveillance of the existing drainage infrastructure. If the drainage requires repair work. Our specialist civils and lining teams can restore the infrastructure of the drain back to its original condition. Using the latest lining techniques

If traditional drain lining techniques are not sufficient to repair the pipework, we can also perform a complete excavation and replacement of the existing system.


COMMERCIAL: We undertake works for commercial contractors operating both locally and throughout the UK for both the public and private sectors.

CONSTRUCTION: Subscan provides specialist reactive drainage and survey solutions for businesses throughout the construction industry.

LOCAL AUTHORITY: Our specialist team of engineers works to resolve local authority issues as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

RAIL: At Subscan we provide reactive and pre-planned maintenance work to ensure minimum disruption to the UK rail network.

Subscan UDS Services

Working in conjunction with each other, our extensive range of services include:

Drainage Cleaning & Unblocking

Tanker Services - Jet Vac, Off Road, Emergency Call-Out and

Flood Response

CCTV Drain Surveying

Drain Relining - Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP), Patch Repairs

(CIPR), and UV Light Curing Methods

Civils Drain Repair and Excavation

Underground Utility Mapping

Land and Topographical Surveying


JET-VAC TANKER HIRE: Operating a sizeable fleet of JHL Recyclers, Super Recyclers, Flexline, and CityFlex tankers, Subscan UDS have extensive high-pressure jet vac tanker hire to clean drains and remove blockages. We can provide a solution to deal with all types of systems. Our high-pressure water jetting systems can cope with small bores to large diameter culverts. As part of our Jet-Vac service, we can also provide a remote reel to provide access to remote areas where a normal vehicle would struggle for access.

JET-VAC SUPER RECYCLING TANKER HIRE: Operating a fleet of new JHL Super Recycler 414 Tankers, Subscan UDS have extensive high-pressure water jetting capabilities to clean drains and remove blockages. We can provide a solution to deal with all types of systems. Our high-pressure systems can cope with small bores to large diameter culverts. As part of our Jet-Vac service, we can also provide a remote reel to provide access to remote areas where a normal vehicle would struggle for access.


Flood Response and Clean Up Service

In the unfortunate event of extreme flooding, our 24 hours a day emergency flood response team will be on hand to assist. Flooding can be caused by many factors including a drainage system or sewer becoming overwhelmed due to a sudden or heavy downpour or flooding from rivers overtopping their banks or breaking through dikes.

Subscan has a team of professionally trained drainage engineers who will be on-site as quickly as possible to assess and clean up the flooding.


At Subscan no location is off-limits when it comes to drainage services thanks to our 4×4 Off-Road Recycling Tankers. Our off-road jetting vehicles are capable of traversing the most treacherous terrain with minimal damage to surfaces.

All our off-road equipment complies with the agriculture and environment regulations, along with keeping disruption to our wildlife and environment to a minimum.

With all the same capabilities as our road-going Jet-Vac Recyclers, our off-road unit is capable of cleaning almost any pipe or culvert. Reducing the need for expensive track matting or temporary road construction, our Off-Road Recycler has provided clients with a unique solution that delivers both cost and time efficiencies.


UTILITY SURVEYS: Subscan can offer, full PAS128 Underground Utility Surveys for designers and contractors. Produce detailed guides so everyone understands exactly what they are dealing with when preparing and working on a site.

CCTV DRAINAGE SURVEYS: Subscan offers a full range of drainage services, from small drain and sewer blockages to a full site survey and cleanse. There is no task too big or too complex that we can’t solve, and we’re are on hand 24 hours a day.

LAND SURVEYS: Working in conjunction with our Utility and Drainage departments, Subscan’s specialist land surveying teams are able to provide a fully integrated surveying solution that is unique within the current marketplace.

RAIL SERVICES: Subscan Rail offers an extensive range of trackside drainage and surveying services throughout the whole of the UK rail network. We are fully RISQS audited and verified and all our rail operatives are PTS trained.

DRONE SURVEYS: Drone technology is revolutionising the surveying world. A huge benefit of Drone Surveys is that they can deliver large time and cost savings compared to traditional means of asset and infrastructure inspection. Drone Surveys provide an alternative solution when inspectors cannot safely access the structure or area.

3D LASER SCANNING: 3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. It’s a cost-effective way to capture the exact size, shape, and location of objects underground without unnecessary site disruption. Laser scanning survey teams at Subscan UDS produce three-dimensional building and structure models that deliver previously unimaginable levels of information, detail, and accuracy.


Blocked drain, Blocked toilet, Blocked sink?

A blocked drain or internal flooding can cause major damage and disruption to your property if not treated as soon as possible. Subscan provides a comprehensive blocked drain, sewer clearing, and any internal flooding services to ensure that your facilities are back in working order in no time! No job is too big or small for the Subscan team.

Wherever possible, we aim to minimise disruption to domestic properties and surrounding communities whilst ensuring blockages are removed as efficiently and quickly as possible. Plus, we offer a comprehensive 24/7 emergency response.




JT PUMPS LIMITED, is a one-stop-shop for all domestic and commercial sewage and water pump requirements, supplying the whole of UK since 2009.


Do you need a sewage pumping station? Look no further than JT PUMPS LIMITED! We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of domestic and commercial sewage pump systems – trusted across the industry. And whatever your specific needs, we have the perfect pump station or foul pumping station for you.


A sewage pumping station is typically installed when sewage cannot reach the main sewer line.

In most cases, this will be due to a lack of gravitational flow; for example, if the sewage is produced below the main sewer line and needs to be pumped either horizontally or uphill. But a pumping station may also be required if a connection to the sewers is impeded in some way.

Either way, packaged sewage pumping stations offer the perfect solution. They are the most convenient option currently on the market, pre-assembled with everything you need to get the system up-and-running. They’re automatic and require minimal maintenance. They have a robust and durable construction. And offer a cost-effective alternative to a brand-new drainage system.


Don’t have access to the mains sewer? If so, you’re going to need a sewage treatment plant – and, here at JT Pumps Limited, we have a comprehensive range of MATRIX systems for you to choose from. Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, these offer an efficient and reliable way to tackle sewage disposable.

Take a look today and order yours for delivery within 2-6 weeks.

Wastewater treatment systems that tick all the boxes

Four models of the MATRIX sewage treatment system are available to buy online, including:

CLF 1 – for 6 people

CLF 2 – for 12 people

CLF 3 – for 18 people

CLF 4 – for 25 people

However, a system can be manufactured to suit your specific needs – with models that can accommodate up to 300 people – and tailored to comply with any site installation restrictions you may have. These can be ordered by phoning our office and speaking directly with a member of the team.


Any property with a cellar or basement, a sub-level, lower-ground floor or any kind of void below ground level are vulnerable to damage by floodwaters or the penetration of groundwater into the sub-floor void. As the lowest point in the surrounding ground, water will naturally attempt to infiltrate it, and in storm or flood conditions this is made considerably worse by the saturation of the ground and enormous amounts of water.

Any of these conditions can lead to flooding of your basement or void, which can cause huge amounts of damage – but with a flood water pump, you’ll be able to respond properly and prevent any further damage from occurring.

FLOOD WATER PUMPS, from JT Pumps Limited includes the JT Flood models of pump & sump station. Self-contained pumping stations which can drain away flood waters from low-lying areas at a phenomenal rate, and both include float switches to allow automatic activation.

The first of the JT Flood range, the JTFLOOD1, is able to automatically pump floodwaters away from your home or business at a rate of 500L per minute, while the other flood water pump available, the JTFLOOD2, is able to remove water at a stunning 999L per minute rate!

For more information on these flood water pumps, don’t hesitate to call JT Pumps on 08444145800 to speak to one of our experts!


Want to prevent fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering your sewage system? A commercial grease trap is the solution. These simple plumbing devices can help to capture unwanted FOGs before they enter the main drainage system – and they could be exactly what you need to prevent blockages and boost the performance of your packaged pumping station.


A grease trap is a small plumbing device or receptacle. It is installed into the drainage system of a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, where wastewater (containing FOGs) flows through on a regular basis. The grease trap, essentially, intercepts the wastewater – ‘trapping’ the FOGs and other solid particles, yet allowing clear water to pass through into the main sewage pipes.


As wastewater enters a grease trap, it separates into three layers. This is due to the force of gravity. FOGs are 10-15% less dense than water and, as a result, they rise to the surface and can be quickly trapped by the device.

By contrast, solid particles weigh more than water and therefore sink (and settle) at the bottom of the tank. The middle layer is the remaining clear water. This is allowed to exit the grease trap via the outlet pipe – easily flowing through into the main sewage system.


FOGs can be highly problematic within a sewage system. Gradual build-up can lead to blockages in the internal pipework, resulting in expensive repairs and potential downtime for your business. Fats and oils also cause damage to wastewater treatment equipment – which is why, legislation is now heavily enforced and investing in a grease trap is more important than ever.

Grease traps can be used within a home or domestic setting. But they’re most commonly found in catering establishments and commercial settings – such as restaurants, cafés, takeaways, bars, and schools – where a large volume of wastewater (containing FOGs) is poured down the drain.


We have a wide range of grease traps to choose from. This includes 190, 300 and 450 litre models, for above and below ground use, and 800 and 1250 litre models, intended for below ground use only.

All devices are made from robust high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and offer an ideal way to trap FOGs and improve the performance of your pumping station.

Why not browse the collection today? If you have any questions about the commercial grease traps currently available, please feel free to get in touch.





MRS Waste Water offers a complete selection of sewage treatment plants for all types of waste water applications. Whether you are installing a system for a single domestic property, or have a commercial unit requirement - we have the right system for you!

We work with a range of manufacturers including Klargester, Tricel, Harlequin and PremierTech to ensure you have a complete collection to choose from to meet all of your requirements.


We offer both below and above ground pump stations for domestic and commercial installations, starting at 190L and for both effluent and sewage applications. UK wide delivery available on all pump stations from MRS Waste Water.


We offer a range of septic tanks to meet all requirements, across all major brands. All our tanks are tested to EU standards and meet all current legal requirements. Check out our complete range of septic tanks for more information.


MRS Waste Water offers a complete selection of both effluent and sewage pumps for all domestic and commercial waste water applications. We work with a number of pump manufacturers to ensure you have easy access and quick delivery of the pump you need!

If you're looking for a specific pump that you can't find online, please get in touch on 0333 335 5137 and we will try our best to source it for you!


MRS Waste Water can not only offer you a great price on your new waste water unit, we can also offer drainage consultancy, along with a complete installation service.

Waste water installation service we offer:

Domestic sewage treatment plant installation

Commercial sewage treatment plant installation

Effluent pump station installation

Sewage pump station installation

Septic tank installation

Cesspool installation

Our network of engineers cover the entire UK and can assist with your waste water installation project from start to finish.


We offer a complete range of repair and upgrade services for all types of waste water systems throughout the UK.

Our network of skilled engineers can offer

Sewage treatment plant repairs

BioDisc chain conversion

Pump station repairs & pump replacement

Septic tank repairs

If you have any concerns with your waste water system, please feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can help.


MRS Waste Water offers comprehensive waste water system servicing and maintenance on sewage treatment plants and pump stations UK wide.

Our network of engineers have extensive experience and can offer complete peace of mind with a regular service visit.

Our service visits can include;

Electrical & mechanical testing of any parts, including repairs and replacement where required, including:

Motors & gearboxes

Pumps & floats

Chains & belts

Pipework & valves

Inspection & replacement of consumables, such as:







We offer tank emptying for a range of waste water units across the UK. Our network of tankers can be scheduled regularly in line with your service visit or be booked for emergency situations.

We offer sewage treatment plant, septic tank and cesspool emptying services for both domestic and commercial properties so if your waste water system is in need of a de-sludge get in touch to find out how we can help.


Once you have installed your pump station or sewage treatment plant, it is highly recommended that the unit is commissioned by an expert to ensure it has been installed correctly, and meets all regulations set by the Environment Agency. Commission visits can highlight anything that may cause a future problem or invalidate the unit's warranty, so it can be rectified immediately.

Our engineers can attend site following the completion of your waste water system installation and provide you with a complete commissioning service as required.





Mid-Counties Waste Management Services Limited (MCW) was established in 1998 as a Waste Broker, to assist several core clients bases to provide an exceptional service by an attentive knowledgeable close-knit team. We have since grown strength to strength with a little help from our friends (loyal customers and fantastic team).

Over the past 23 years we have built treasured relationships with our customers, from blue chip to sole trader. We value each and every one of our clients and will always strive to deliver the best service in our sector.

With our self-owned and operated specialist fleet, we have complete control and flexibility over every aspect of the services we offer, our dedicated long serving team means you’ll always hear a familiar voice on the end of the phone, no calling into call centres and being left on the phone, who know you, your business, and requirements, saving you time and stress. When our vehicles pull up outside, on the booked in date, with ETA alerts from our automated systems which are linked to our vehicle tracking units, you’ll instantly be put at ease by a familiar face emerging, again saving you energy and effort of having to explain access and what works need to be done – not to worry, we’ll already know upon arrival and you can trust us to get on with it. We will never just ‘turn up’ and you’ll never need to look any further for a complete drainage and waste solution provider.

We specialise in drainage repair, maintenance, and installation in most sectors, dealing with both commercial and domestic clients. Due to our brokerage history and ongoing ‘Upper Tier Carrier Broker Dealer’ status (that has been held since 2010), we are able to offer complete management of countless waste streams including chemical and recyclable materials, many of which are transported to licenced disposal facilities by our own fleet.


Here at MCW we are proud to hold the latest 2015 revision of ISO9001 and ISO14001, as well as being certified for the Safe Contractor and FORS schemes. These accreditations are evidence of our ongoing efforts in achieving a superior service. Please feel free to download our latest certifications and Insurance policies in the ‘Duty of Care’ section.


Listed below are some of the services provided by Mid-Counties Waste Management Services Limited (MCW), for a comprehensive guide please visit our website.


We offer competitively priced liquid waste collection services nationwide, with experienced drivers and operatives utilizing high-performance vacuum tankers equipped with jetting and wash down equipment. Our operatives can provide a site service including the cleaning out of gully pots, drainage channels, bunds, catch pits, sumps and much more.


Our High-Pressure Jetting Units offer a nationwide service. Operated by our trained jetting engineers, they are the most effective and environmentally friendly way to keep your drains clear.


When the cause of a drainage problem is not immediately obvious, a CCTV survey can help to determine the problem. Our operatives will attend site and insert a CCTV camera into your drainage pipework. This allows our engineer to find and alleviate the problem, restoring all pipes to full function.

Our state-of-the-art digital equipment sends completed video and reports directly from site to our office; minimising delays and allowing you to have the information necessary, quickly and efficiently.


Hazardous waste cannot be moved from your premises until the premises are registered with the Environment Agency. We will make sure you are correctly registered. Once the waste is identified, we will supply or replace any drums, IBC’s (industrial bulk container) or appropriate containers if required. We will segregate all waste streams and if necessary, we will re-package, re-drum or over-drum the waste for secure removal from your premises. We will also supply and complete all labels in accordance with current legislation.

After evaluating, packaging, labelling and consigning your hazardous waste, we will supervise collection and transport it to the licenced disposal site.


Our drainage engineers are fully trained and qualified to carry out all aspects of pump station maintenance, repair and servicing. Including (but not limited to):

Pump station emptying, cleaning and de-greasing

Pump station maintenance

Pump station repair

Pump station and pumpwell full installations

Pump station and pumpwell replacements


As a producer of workshop waste, you have a duty of care to ensure that the hazardous waste causes no harm or damage. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that stored waste cannot escape into the environment.

Workshop waste is hazardous and must be safely contained prior to collection. It usually includes things such as;

Waste oil



Oil filters


Absorbents and granules

Oily Rags


We have our own inhouse civils team that can fulfil any construction and drainage need. This includes but is not limited to;

Interceptor installations

All drainage installations

Drainage repairs

Drainage modifications

Drainage replacement

Small civils works (i.e., concrete pad installations etc.)


Mid-Counties are experienced in the removal and disposal of fly tips


Healthcare activities produce varying types of waste. The majority is generated by activities that are non-hazardous, accounting for 85% of the total amount produced. The remaining 15% is hazardous waste that is potentially infectious, toxic or radioactive. The type of healthcare waste that is produced largely depends on the location, whether that be a hospital or a care home, and the specific work activities the setting carries out.


It is important that all spills and chemicals are dealt with quickly and properly. We offer a 24-hour nationwide spill response service.

Our BSIF trained staff will attend site and ensure the containment of the spill to minimize the spread of the substance to other areas. They can then assess the next steps necessary before leaving site in a clean, and more importantly, safe condition.

We also offer emergency spill kits which can be kept on your site. These kits include:

Oil containment socks

Absorbent pads

Spill Cushions

Caution Tape


Eye Protection

Disposal containment




Jet Through Ltd, is a specialist national drainage and exterior cleaning business challenging the status quo in the UK water services industry.

Jet Through Ltd, provides affordable, efficient and bespoke drainage engineering solutions to its customers – our ethos is to attend to issues once and once only and to ensure a proactive approach to drainage.


Jet Through Ltd, offers planned, reactive and quoted maintenance to business and residential customers throughout the UK. Jet Through can tailor services to suit our clients’ exact needs, whether reacting to an emergency or proposing a planned regime. Our consultative approach to service can save our clients thousands.


We operate 24 hours a day and 365 days per year, we are your one stop shop for all of your drainage needs.

We offer drain cleaning, drain unblocking, drain repairs & drain jetting for both home and commercial customers across the UK.

We also provide specialist cleans such as sewerage, gutters, walls and floors.


Jet Through Ltd, engineers work nationwide and are managed from our national headquarters at Birmingham Business Park.

With decades of operational experience, Jet Through colleagues are constantly trained to meet client requests quickly and efficiently.

Equipped with a 24-hour helpdesk and backed by a team of more than 120 engineers, Jet Through can deal with all eventualities and can operate as a one stop shop for any drainage or jetting issue.


Listed below are some of the services provided by Jet Through Ltd, for a comprehensive guide please visit our website.


Jet Through, have all the necessary plant and equipment to tackle any blockage regardless of severity. Just call our emergency service line and we will be with you to quickly deal with the issue.


Jet Through, use only use the most modern CCTV Survey systems in order to give engineers accurate and clear real time views of any problems in your drainage system. Jet Through’s survey team will also clean drains to allow for better pictures of your drainage system.

All CCTV surveys will come with a full report, photos and a dvd or digitally saved footage.


Dealing with unwanted graffiti is an ongoing challenge in many urban areas and ruins the look and feel of an area or building.

We utilise our jetting equipment to remove the graffiti and once we have cleaned off the graffiti, we would look to treat the surface with a special anti-graffiti treatment to prevent further attacks.


Solid waste can catch and block pipes, creating breakages that allow water and effluent to escape into the surrounding area creating a health and safety risk.

Using CCTV survey, Jet Through will determine the precise issue with your piping. Once that has been identified and suitable access available, Jet Through engineers carry out a non-invasive repair using a pipe lining system which installs a smooth sleeve into the line which covering the defective or damaged pipework to allow full and free flow to be restored.


High pressure jetting is often used to clear drains when a manhole has overflowed with sewage. Jet Through understand this is not only a major inconvenience, it is a potential public health emergency, causing widespread damage if not dealt with efficiently.

Jet Through, can mobilise to attend a water jetting service call out 24 hours per day through its dedicated manned helpdesk. Water jetting is a relatively unobtrusive process, meaning it is often highly cost-effective. Once put right, Jet Through will carry out testing to ensure the drainage system is flowing freely and take care of cleaning and disinfecting the affected area.


Our facilities management helpdesk is manned by professionally trained staff who can immediately understand your issue and deliver the best solution. We offer:

24-hour coverage, 365 days per year

Customer service excellence

Client budget management (Revenue & Capex)

PPM scheduling

Asset management

Accurate and timely management reporting

24/7 telephone/e-mail coverage

Expert questioning to ascertain the true nature of any issues

Management of all planned maintenance schedules

Management of job closedowns

Warranty Management

Operational issue reports

Contact Jet Through today to start your journey to reduced costs and improved service.





Combining over 100 years’ experience to the Drainage and Waste industry, we have a proven approach to offering a cost-effective solution to your problems. At Quest Waste Management, we pride ourselves on safety, quality and the most cost-effective solutions to your drainage and waste problems.

At Quest Waste Management, we provide innovative techniques without compromising safety.

We believe in priding ourselves so whether you’re a commercial or residential customer you will receive the same first-class service we are known to deliver.

We aim to exceed all expectations.

Quest Waste Management, have achieved ISO9001, 14001 and 45001 certificates and have obtained numerous accreditations and licences which can be viewed on the ‘Accreditations & Training’ page on our website.

We are proud of our commitment to Health and Safety, environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction whilst providing a cost-effective solution.


Quest’s emergency flood response is available around the clock 24/7 365 a year.

In the unfortunate event of flooding, whether it is localised (sewer and drainage systems becoming overwhelmed after a sudden or heavy downpour) or flooding from rivers or other sources, we are here to assist.


Call Quest on 0333 3588 222 at any time of day and you will speak to a member of our call centre staff who will be able to advise and assist you.


Quest offers an emergency drain unblocking service 24/7. Our engineers are always local to you and highly responsive meaning they are available whenever you call and will be in your property in no time.


Drain repairs can appear from nowhere and a minor problem can quickly become a major one. Here’s how to identify that a problem is occurring.

Chambers, toilets and gullies blocking or being slow to clear.

Pooling water around drainage assets, including gullies and chambers.

A pungent and unpleasant smell, especially on warm days.

Sinking or damp ground directly above suspected drain-pipe routes.

Large trees growing on-top or adjacent to suspected drain-pipe routes.

The five points above may indicate that a drain has structural issues, with a worst-case scenario being a collapsed. Variety of reasons from ground movement, heavy vehicle, poorly fitting seals and joints, root ingress, or simply deterioration gradually over time.

Whatever the cause, it is vital you get the problem attended to before it gets worse. Structural defects tend to become more severe and more expensive to solve if left unresolved. It always pays to investigate potential issues as soon as they occur.


All our engineers possess full NRSWA national standard training, Complete SAFE Contractor approval and Confined Space Entry, just to name a few. We utilise the latest technology from the world leading manufacturer iPEK, for our CCTV inspections, our equipment allows the exact pinpointing above ground of the defective position.

Once the issue has been found and assessed, we can then advise you on the best and most cost-effective course of action to resolve. Our engineers are experienced, reliable and friendly, experienced and reliable meaning your drainage issue will be resolved with minimal upheaval and inconvenience.


Despite advanced booking on our tanker services, there may be incidents and occasions where emergency waste clearance is required on site. In the event of any emergency spillage, Quest is available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week to assist.

Quest Waste Management, emergency bulk tanker service provides a quick and efficient solution to isolate any areas that may have been contaminated by the waste spillage, working together we will implement a clean-up procedure and preventing further downtime.


At Quest Waste Management, our engineers are available and ready to respond 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. Together we will work with you to understand the best course of action and what you need to do in order to manage your liquid waste collections and disposal.


Whether you are a homeowner with a septic tank or cesspit in a rural area or you manage a commercial business, Quest will empty your septic tank and cesspit professionally and efficiently.


Are you emptying your grease trap on a regular basis? If not maintained and emptied any sitting waste that is left for too long can cause serious damage to your waste system


The removal of bilge water from vessels requires specialist equipment and pumps. Our fleet of tankers have the latest in high-pressure pumping technology giving us an advantage in this situation.


Catchpits are an important element in the UK’s pollution control system. Used to contain sediments and waste, whilst preventing the contamination of the local water supply.


Quest Waste Management, have the knowledge and expertise in order to provide a safe removal and disposal service of your bentonite waste & drilling muds. Our range of equipment allows us to pump waste from underground in hard-to-reach locations.


If you are having problems with the quality of water in your pond or if you have discovered a blockage or contamination. Our team of engineers will work together with you to get things back to normal.


Quest Waste Management, provide a wide range of liquid waste disposal services Nationwide at competitive rates.


You are in capable hands with your Industrial or trade effluent disposal. It’s important this is disposed of safely as it can contain harmful substances that can risk the environment and sewerage network


Your waste water interceptors must be emptied and maintained on a regular basis to prevent any blockages that could cause an environmental or health & safety hazard. Our collections work around you and your business.


Landfill leachate can contain a number of chemicals including carbon, nitrogen, chloride, pesticides and solvents. If any run off liquid ‘leaches’ out and enters the environment it can have harmful effects.


The amount of surface water within a bunded area should be kept to a minimum, as any build-up of rainwater and other liquid gathering in the base of the bund will impact the capacity and may need to be disposed of as hazardous liquid waste.

  (TADS Limited)

(TADS Limited)

TANKER & DRAIN SOLUTIONS LIMITED, are a professional, environmentally conscious, fully licensed tanker and liquid waste logistics company specialising in the clearance of septic tanks, cess pits, pump chambers, gullies, grease traps & flood relief from construction & domestic sites all over London and the Home Counties.

Our business can also support customers in all aspects of drainage including design, installations, renovation works, reactive & proactive maintenance.

We offer same day or next day service to meet our growing customer's needs.


TANKER & DRAIN SOLUTIONS LIMITED, has over 35 years' experience in the waste logistics & drainage Industry.

Our fully qualified and friendly office staff are happy to give advice, free quotations and site inspections – we're also on hand 24 hours a day to provide emergency cover and free advice.

Our aim is to provide a fast and efficient service at a very competitive price!

We cover all aspects of liquid waste removal for the domestic and commercial markets. We cover a wide geographical area. Our business is an environmentally conscious waste removal company, providing preferred solutions to our client’s waste disposal and drainage needs.

TANKER & DRAIN SOLUTIONS LIMITED, offer a clean, no nonsense and efficient service, either the same or next day, depending on the time of the order. If required we can provide a single point of contact to ensure efficient communication and handling of your requirements, as well as enabling you to place an order 24hrs per day.

TANKER & DRAIN SOLUTIONS LIMITED, are the preferred supplier of non-consumable drinking water to ‘Plant Hire & Construction’ companies, ‘Corporate Event’ organisers throughout the South East. Our vehicles conform to the highest standards available and no contract is too large or indeed, too small!

TANKER & DRAIN SOLUTIONS LIMITED (TADS Limited), can provide savings through negotiated annual contracts. Where efficiency, reliability and cost are issues.

Contact TADS Limited to see how we can help you. All vehicles have satellite navigation system and trackers enabling us to dispatch effectively.


Tanker vac, tanker vacuum, vacuum recycler, jetting and vacuum tankers, combination tanker, septic tank emptying and cleaning, cesspit emptying and cleaning, tank emptying and cleaning, grease trap emptying and cleaning, Interceptor emptying and cleaning, sewage treatment, plant desludging and cleaning, gully emptying, culvert emptying and cleaning, 24/7 call-out service, high pressure water jetting and more...



SEWERCARE, has over 100 years’ experience maintaining and repairing industrial, commercial and private drainage.

SEWERCARE, operates as a trading division of AA Sewercare Ltd, based centrally in Sheffield and working throughout the United Kingdom to deliver a high-quality drain repair and maintenance service.

All our team members are highly trained and have a vast amount of experience after working in the drainage industry for many years.

Our operatives are certified with Sewer Classification Certificates, NRSWA, High Pressure Jetting and High Risk Confined Space Entry, CSCS and First Aid to help guarantee a safe working environment and a quality service to all clients.


CCTV Drain Surveying is the fastest and most cost-effective way of inspecting drains and sewers for issues. Our equipment can produce such high-quality images and videos that any current or future problems can easily be identified by a trained engineer.

SEWERCARE, uses some of the latest industry technology to deliver the most accurate, cost-effective and efficient CCTV drain surveying.

Our sewer & drain survey hardware provides HD imagery which is viewed live on and off-site using WincanVX (Or earlier version if required) and HADDMS (For highway projects) software to save time in acting on any immediately required or major repairs. After highlighting suggested corrective works, we can advise on the most appropriate course of action from our years of experience.


SEWERCARE, have a range of jetting and recycling tanker units and vehicles which allow us to conduct routine cleaning within surface water culverts, large and small industrial and commercial drains and sewers as well as smaller domestic blockages. For rural locations or in areas with particularly difficult access we can use our off-road portable reel to ensure access is never an issue.


Instead of excavating and replacing pipes, our ‘no-dig’ lining system allows us to repair drains, sewers and culverts in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Using a resin which is cured using water or steam. We also specialise in UV light cured systems which use less energy for a lower carbon footprint as well as removing the risk of styrene pollution into the environment and watercourse.

As a quick and simple way of repairing cracks and fractures in your drain system we use localised patch repairs. This is the ideal solution as it doesn’t require the excessive cost of a full liner or even excavating to re-lay new pipework.


Drainage issues are commonly caused by tree roots, fat or grease build-up, grout or concrete making their way into a pipe which needs to be cut free.

Based around the specific requirements and limitations of your site we can use air driven, high-pressure water, mechanical or even robotic systems to clean debris and cut new openings for feeder pipes after a sewer or drain lining project.

As well as having the ability to work in tight, difficult to reach areas we can monitor progress in real-time and re-survey the drains to advise on future work including linings to reduce the likelihood of pipe penetrating, both new and historic blockages such as roots.


flooding clean-ups, commercial and domestic blockage clearance, industrial cleaning, grease trap emptying and cleaning, industrial septic tank emptying and cleaning, interceptor emptying and cleaning, 24/7 emergency callout service, high pressure water jetting, drain unblocks, gully emptying and cleaning, water jetting/vacuum tankers, sewage clean ups.



Here at Metro Rod Northampton, we specialise in Unblocking Drains, Sewage Blockages, Drain Repair Services, Pipe-Lining and Renovation, Gutter Cleaning, Tanker Services, CCTV drain surveys, we offer Pre-Planned Maintenance plans (PPM) to commercial businesses throughout Northamptonshire.

We provide a full range of drain cleaning, drain unblocking, gutter cleaning services, CCTV Surveys and more. We are able to provide emergency response service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tanker Services

Our fleet of tankers allows for us to offer a wide range of services designed around waste removal. At Metro Rod we are fully qualified to remove non-hazardous effluent. We can empty and clean cesspits, septic tanks and grease traps. If you have hazardous waste that you need removing then we work with highly trusted specialists to provide a hazardous waste removal service. Whatever it is that you need taking away, we are here to help.

About Metro Rod Northampton

Metro Rod Northampton began trading in 2009 out of our office in Daventry, Northamptonshire with just one engineer, we now have a team of four highly trained specialist engineers with many years of experience between them. We are renowned as the specialist drainage services throughout Northamptonshire. Our services cover both domestic and commercial properties and we can respond to your drainage emergencies with our 24-hour helpline that is manned 365 days a year.

With the experience of working with customers in a range of business sectors including education, health care, and retail, our skilled engineers provide consistently high standards of customer service, meaning we enjoy a lot of repeat custom.

We aim for the first-time fix, using the latest technology. Our No call out charge and fixed price quotes upfront, make us one of the most competitive drainage services business in Northamptonshire, therefore, whether you require a one-off drain clearance or a fully planned maintenance service, we can deliver.

All our engineers are fully trained, DBS checked and fully insured, so you can be assured you are in safe hands.

Other services provided:

Robotic cutting, drain mapping, soil pipe repair, stack cleaning and maintenance, grease traps and fog management, pump services, drain unblocking, drain repair, CCTV drain surveys, gutter cleaning services, drain maintenance services, septic tank and cesspit emptying, water softening and filtration and a comprehensive tanker service.




GEE DEE PLANT has been operating since 1985 initially servicing Middlesbrough’s dock area businesses.

Historically a ‘Tanker’ supplier, our core business has grown to encompass drainage surveying and pipe rehabilitation. Based on a 3/4-acre site on Graythorp Industrial Estate in Hartlepool, our business, works and portfolio of completed projects continues to expand.


We have an extensive fleet of up-to-date equipment to provide a fast, responsive and highly effective service. Whether it’s a blocked drain, large scale flood or construction site CCTV investigation we can find a solution for any drainage servicing requirements.

Our client base is widely varied from members of the public, local schools, colleges and universities to major infrastructure providers (Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station) and the construction industry.

No matter whom the client, we strive to exceed expectations and quality of service is at the heart of our growing business.


Tanker Vac - Jet Vac units are specialised machines for removing silt, liquid waste and debris from deep soakaways, culverts, interceptors, cesspits, grease traps and sewers.

Our machines range from 3.5 tonne up to 32 tonnes giving the capability to clean from the smallest domestic to the largest main sewers in the UK. We provide services to the domestic, utilities, construction and industrial sectors.

GEE DEE PLANT Can offer a full maintenance schedule for all your requirements Pre-Planned Maintenance programme will help to prevent unexpected emergencies avoiding blockages that can result in damage to property and stock, the potential health risk from flooding, the unbudgeted expenditure.


GEE DEE PLANT provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency call out service for blockage clearances whenever it occurs.

We are equipped with latest equipment to provide you a fast, responsive, and highly effective environmental service for any need, whether it’s a large-scale flood or a blocked drain – we can act and find a solution for any situation.

Our fleet of small jetting van pack units are fully equipped to tackle any domestic blockage issues. We have a team of drain repair specialist who are using the latest techniques in ‘No-Dig technology’ drain relining methods, using new BlueLight LED Systems.

GEE DEE PLANT based in the northeast the most versatile family business in the area, with the use of premium equipment we have a solution for all types of companies and industries. Get the job done right first-time round.

We offer a FREE quote, and our dedicated team are always available to help you with your enquiry, so please don’t hesitate to call us!



ATTGILLS DRAINAGE SERVICES is a family run drainage business, with over 20 years of experience within the drainage services industry.

Our engineers are fully trained in using the latest technologies in the industry, and are ready to fix any issues you may have with your drainage.

We are always on standby to remediate any type of drainage issue from, Drain Unblocking, CCTV Drain Survey, Drain Repair and Drain Jetting across Northamptonshire, Wellingborough, Rushden and surrounding areas. We also cover the South Midlands, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, North London and Leicestershire.

ATTGILLS DRAINAGE SERVICES are proud of their service record and regard it as second to none!

We offer a free estimate to all our customers and all our staff are DBS checked, fully insured and qualified for your peace of mind.

Listed below are some of the services we provide:

Domestic Issues, blocked drain/toilet or even sinks, to something more severe such as a collapsed drain, root infestation or flooding of your premises.

Commercial Issues: Tanker Vacuumation’s of gullies, Septic Tank Emptying, Drainage Investigation, Drain and Sewer Installation etc.

A full list of services provided can be found above on this page and on ATTGILLS DRAINAGE SERVICES Website via button below.




Established in 2012 PBF Drainage Services Ltd have become one of the most highly respected drainage companies in the country, due to our unparalleled customer service. Our knowledge has come from extensive experience within the industry and our careful selection of staff. As a company we carry out extensive training, to ensure all our staff are fully capable to carry out their duties, in a professional, cost-effective way, under the strictest of health and safety procedures. Working alongside some of the largest companies in the UK PBF Drainage Services Ltd have the skill set and back up to support any sized project you may have. For all your drainage needs please call one of our team to discuss your requirements. From our centrally based location in Northampton, we work throughout the UK and Europe providing a one stop shop for your project large or small. Listed below are some of the services we provide:


PBF Drainage Services Ltd, are specialists in the use of bluelight LED Systems. Bluelight is the newest method of curing CIPP installations. Simple, cost effective, safe, and stress free CIPP lining solutions using the latest in technology using a system developed by installers for installers.

* The use of an LED light head that is passed through the resin impregnated material which is inverted through the damaged section of pipe, the LED lights then cure the resin which leaves a new pipe within the host pipe.

* Between 90% and 99% CO2 saving compared to heat curing systems.

* Minimum of 50-year life expectancy.

* 300,000m of live installations and 10 years of practical development, already carried out meaning this is a proven technology.

* Full European patent (EP 2 129 956 B1)


Small van mounted equipment used in smaller diameter pipes. Our van packs are capable of cleaning a 225mm pipe. Operating at 3600psi 16gpm lengths of 100m can be worked in. Ideal for clearing blockages, descaling, root cutting, and fog removal (fats, oils and grease). These jetting units are mounted in 3.5t MWB Vehicles so can work where larger truck mounted equipment can’t get to.


With the latest camera systems on the market all fully portable systems. This enables access to all areas where vehicle access is limited. All our systems run off either compact silent generator systems or battery power reducing noise pollution allowing work to continue with minimal disruption during unsociable hours. Our main line camera systems have the capability of working within pipe diameters of 150mm – 3000mm with full pan and rotate camera lenses, fully steerable and auto height adjustment, these cameras can negotiate bends and obstacles in larger diameter pipes reducing abandoned surveys due to debris or diameter changes midway through a pipe length. Explosive atmospheres or high-risk areas are not a problem for our systems as they are fully ATEX compliant and certified for work in these areas.


This is a method used where pipe conditions or site condition do not allow for conventional repair methods. We use an epoxy type resin that is resistant to most chemicals and is incredibly hard wearing. This is applied via rotating brushes that coat the internal surfaces of the pipe. Thickness’s of up to 10mm can be applied if required and in pipe diameters of 30mm – 150mm larger pipes can be coated if required using specially made attachments. This system is ideal for coating of cast iron pipework, air conditioning ducts, water pipes of varying materials and traditional clay and concrete pipes. It is also used where traditional methods can’t overcome multiple bends or where heat can't be used to cure liners and standard resins could potentially cause fumes to enter the property during the curing process.