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Emergency Situation?
The Emergency Situation
Blocked Drain

Reactive Drainage

Is the first initial response to an emergency callout for a small team of drainage engineers.  Whether it be for a ‘backed-up’ toilet or a flooded gully system around a commercial or domestic property.  The first response team is usually an immediate fix to the over flowing problem and its contaminating effects.


The common emergency callout for engineers is gully flooding, backed-up foul water to toilets, and an increased presence of a foul odor internally or externally.  There are also the inadvertent underlying problems of collapsed drain pipes and subsidence that usually go unnoticed until it becomes a catastrophic failure.  


Having a CCTV Survey done as part of a ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance’ (PPM) program with a reputable drainage company, would severely reduce the risk of such catastrophic failures.


Some common timelines for a CCTV Survey to be done are usually noticeable when someone is buying or selling a property, which would add value to its price. Or part of an investigation process for a remedial drainage works visit which usually occurs after a reactive drainage callout (emergency). 

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Drainage Works

Remedial drainage works can be considered the second phase to the first initial response? ‘Reactive Drainage’ or put simply, the emergency callout for a visit by a drainage engineer or engineers to visit your home or commercial premises.  


What usually follows, is a determination to ascertain ‘what went wrong’ by further investigations into ‘what might go wrong next time.’  The true underlying reasons to warrant such an investigation can be two-fold? 

1.  It could be a follow up to the emergency callout that you previously had and now you would like to have some peace of mind for that blocked gully. For example, now you would like a professional quote for ‘ACO Rain Drainage’ to be installed around your building for better drainage.   


2.  Or maybe a quote from a drainage company for a professional Gutter Clean.  Ensuring that the continuity of surface water drainage does flow as it should back down efficiently into your gully system and free from debris and future blockages.

Drain Cleaning
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CDC Draincare fully equipped and ready with this high-pressure water tanker jetting Kit.
CDC Draincare: The High Powered Drain Jetting Kit
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Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Is an evergreen approach to managing your drainage systems and reducing the risk factors for future failures?

For instance, seasonal effects such as autumn and winter where gullies, drains and guttering channels can accumulate more fallen leaves, soaked moss and litter.  Then add in heavy rainfall or sustained precipitation and will more than likely produce a greater chance for damage from leaks and potential flooding.

Likewise, if not regularly cleaned prior to these seasonal changes the problem can become worse and now flash flooding in the summer months become just as bad as in the winter months and increases the risks for damp and mold growth, foundation damage even ‘slip’ hazards.

Understanding some of the services provided can help you better evaluate risk, costs and can be a useful planning tool for the future of your drainage responsibilities.