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or maybe . A: Yes, you can modify the Bios data. Normally you would do this by modifying the BIOS serial number using the BIOS serial number editor in your OEM's website. An option that you may have, though you didn't explicitly mention it, would be to use "Clone" instead of "Upgrade" when you call this software. For example, if you have an OEM serial number of EFE832-I3520-2233-6400, and you wanted to use the serial number EFE832-I3520-2234-6400 instead, you'd use "Clone" instead of "Upgrade" to get this result. You can see this in the image below. Note, I have highlighted the "Clone" on the left side of the screenshot, and the "Upgrade" on the right side. How Star Trek changed me My dad was always a geek. In fact, before my mom met him, she used to go on dates with him, and I have a very clear memory of her going to bed with my dad and my grandma and talking about which movie she wanted to see and if she was interested in a boy. This was because my dad took her to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which just so happened to be the perfect date movie to take your girlfriend to. And, okay, before that he took her to see The Big Lebowski, which I hated and still hate (and now I’m sorry I read the Wikipedia description of it, because, okay, you can’t really go wrong with bowling). My dad also loved going to see Bruce Willis films. He was what my mom always calls a nerd, but he was also more like a nerd than not, which is one of the reasons that I’m going to be nerdy like him for the rest of my life. He actually left my mom for another woman, which was weird because I didn’t realize this until she told me when I was about 11. I remember walking home from school in the rain, which was a common thing to do. I remember putting on some music and deciding to play Madden football on the N64 (because it was just so much fun to play Madden on the N64, but also for my mom) and my dad looking at me with his head on one side, and then, for the first time, I got it.




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